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Thou are the Art

Thou are the art,
that demiurge made,
withdrawing the serene colors,
from the universe core,
he created you.

Life Poetry

Reek of Regrets

Those embossments of thy remembrance
Why didst they conspire to be my reverie?
For no reason thy time trickled my trance
Why didst those flowers aromatize thee…?

Life Poetry

In Search of Silence

Why people make noise, why they clatter,
All day and night, they cannot do better.
Fighting on nonsense, why they blabber,
All day and night, doing no job faber.

Life Poetry

The Love That Was

In the night sky, shines moon twinkle the stars,
Darkness exalts, heaven moves swaying czars.
Sky relishes caliginosity, eclipse shrouds aether,
Celestial shimmer in, crepuscular seared seether.

Life Poetry


People are selfish, yes they are,
They use you and leave, then go far.

People are cruel, people are clever,
They use you and break, then appear never.


With Each Passing Day

A poem for school life, dedicated to my teachers and friends.

With each passing day,
I’m proceeding on my way,
For the future, career and gay…