Algomash Jekyll Theme

Algomash is a Jekyll boilerplate with necessary operations for creating Documentation website for small projects.

Why Algomash?

Wanna write a documentation website for your project… And feeling dull to install and create a lot of pages and configure settings and servers… in (you guessed it) WordPress or some Wiki software?

Let’s mash that all up, I’ve a better and easier solution for you! It just requires you to have… guess what? Some knowledge of HTML & CSS, or may be JavaScript so that you can customize the front-end with what you want!

And interestingly, you’ll have to maintain only the files that really belong of your documentation… What do I mean? Seen those folders… wp-includes, wp-admin… with a lot of functions you don’t know whither they come? Ufff!

Who’s Algomash For?

  • Your project – in fact documentation needs lesser features, in fact, just text.
  • You’re willing to configure a few things in your code editor.
  • You’re happy to write some CSS or shift some HTML classes so that you get a look you want.

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