He asked her for what she could not give,
He asked her for a space in her heart,
And a promise that they would never part,
She couldn’t allow him and she did dart.

For him who sees a dawn after darkness,
Love, affection, attachments are insatiate.
Emotions and desires causing ruthful fate,
How would he live till he does incinerate.

He still remembers and reminisces yore,
He recalls… “The day when we met first,
I got my heart, and felt a sudden thirst…
Incidentally I eschewed fearing the worst.”

His heart was too innocent as hers was,
Those nights and rhythms, lost last season.
And teasing each other for no real reason,
But for their world destiny meant treason.

Predilection of life was to cease and desist,
As the sun went down over the far dome…
And they did part, darted yearning home,
Neither helped friends, oracle, holy tome.

Pious was the soul, spirit was so true,
In her dreams he float like soothing breeze,
A figment of her sweven why did it seize.
Neither sun nor moon, none star vowed pleas.

She’s omnipresent in his life,
He can’t forget her face for a while,
He loves her songs, her snogs, her smile,
He can’t figure out why life rules rile…

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