New gTLDs to Give Your Business a Unique Name

With ICANN releasing new generic top-level domains (gTLDs), a wide range of generic words are available for start-ups, professionals and hobbyists to create their websites without worrying for the availability of a .com.

Let’s accept that you were born after thousands of .com were already sold and had a truce with internet when millions of .com and .net were already live. Like me! But new gTLDs not only help in securing a name that’s no more available on an old gTLDs like .com or .net due to other related companies or domain squatters but also allows you to choose a unique name without unnecessary words!.

Additionally, Google believes in equality. It doesn’t discriminate if you’re using a .com or .cafe. In fact, getting a short two or three-letter domain is still easy in new gTLDs like my personal blog.

So what are the latest hot gTLDs in the market today? Let’s have a look:


Finally! Yes finally! After browsing for years to get a domain deepak.tld I was quite hopeless about getting it ever. No matter which new gTLD or recognizable ccTLD I checked on, my name deepak.tld was not available. I believed my name to be too common, given that almost all the websites I looked at were up. However, with advent of .tech gTLD, phew! problem was over.

If you’ve a tech-related business or if you’re a tech enthusiast, a freelancer or professional related to IT or just technology, you can allow .tech to represent you in a unique manner. It is owned by Radix.


FYI that is, For Your Information is a great choice for products, people and companies alike. Managed by Donuts (Silver Tigers LLC), .fyi is still hot on the plate. Grab it before anyone else! Like my blog.


Cafe is supposed to be for coffee shops according to many registrars. Yet I don’t think so. Cafe may also relate to what you do at cafe expect coffee, like chit-chat and discussions, meeting with friends. Or may be coding, if you’re solitary.

ICANNwiki categorises it in Foods & Drinks, however, .cafe gTLD is open to all if you can come up with unique names, like Programmers’ Cafe!


You can buy .club for any type of club, for groups or communities. .club is a superb choice if you want a website for your friends’ group, neighborhood or college club.


Guru is a Sanskrit word which means a teacher or a master. If you’re an expert on something and would like to advice others regarding same then this gTLD is for you!


Be social! Create a community, a niche social network for your brand or your company to engage your employees and customers. A perfect space for Individuals who want to create forum websites or friends’ network. It’s a great choice for families who would like to meet online and share photos, events and keep up with updates of other members. Humans are social animals.


People come online to know something, to learn something, to find information on how to do something. .how is operated by Google Registry. It’s like .guru, if you’ve particular skills and you would like to give people guidance on the same then .how is great name. .how is a perfect gTLD for professionals, teachers, thinkers and bloggers, like

According to Google and Your Business blog, more people search for how that any other 5 ‘w’s.


.live, categorized as ‘Technology’ by ICANNwiki is a perfect choice for websites with real time content, live sports action and weather schedules, maps etc. While it may put some people in conundrum, but Microsoft is not the owner of .live. Microsoft withdrew from the contention in April 2014 and the tld is operated by Donuts.


.news is for TV news channels, newspapers, journalists and bloggers. If your company needs a blog to post events, news and other posts, go for .news and mark your place.


.xyz does not need any introduction thanks to Google’s parent company Alphabet’s website .xyz was made available to general public in 2014 and has the highest number of domains registered among new generic TLDs. .xyz, categorized as lifestyle, is for anything and anyone.

And there is a long list of new gTLDs coming up, 700+. More on them later.

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