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Intemporel Theme for WordPress

These days I’m working on a WordPress theme built for WP version 4.0+. It’s my first theme that I’ve decided to offer on WordPress repository written from scratch. It’ll be available for free of charge for all users.

Let’s begin the story of this theme. I started developing in WordPress two years back. I started with tweaking and editing themes I was using for the blog I was running at that time (now deprecated) and the themes that I liked. Then in January last year, I created a very simple theme which I also used on my blog then for a short time. It’s biggest drawback was I had not written in responsive. Actually I didn’t know about responsive CSS at that time.

I also published the theme on my GitHub repository. Later on I started learning CSS3 responsive design and mobile-first layout. I worked a lot in the field. I also learn about User Interfaces and what’s a better User Experience. Gradually I started disliking that design and didn’t want to rewrite it, making it responsive. I wanted to create another theme.

However, I wasn’t satisfied with my knowledge of WordPress either. I wanted to work more on the functions and filters WordPress provides for the developers. I explored and experimented with Settings API, Customizer API and Rewrite API. I created a theme framework and a responsive grid framework to use as boilerplate for my projects.

Level 3 Menu
Level 3 Menu

But something was missing. I developed all that, but still I felt a noob. That was the time, I created Algomash to record all my experiments for myself, and for everyone it can help.

Although I had read about all the major WordPress theme frameworks, I had not used them at all. And then I chose Automattic’s Underscores, on which I started developing Intemporel. Intemporel is based on _s and the colors are inspired from Google’s Material Design, with Roboto typeface, which has 12 styles (I’m not using ’em all), to make it most readable.

Intemporel is french for ‘Timeless’

  • Asides: The theme has a single sidebar for archive pages, and another content sidebar on Single Post pages & Page post type.
  • Colors: The primary color is shades of Indigo, while secondary is shades of Pink.
  • Font Family: Roboto
  • Icons: Uses Genericons from Automattic.
  • Navigation: The main site navigation is hidden for the standard theme also, and can be displayed with click of a button.
  • Featured Post: Intemporel uses a special template for the first post loaded on the homepage and archive pages.
Intemporel on Phone
Intemporel on Phone

Other features:

  • On desktops, menu drops from the top, while on mobile screens, the menu slides from the left.
  • The height of header reduces from 100px to 48px on scroll, giving more space to content while having buttons for menu and search on-screen.
  • The theme is completely responsive and readable on every device.
  • It uses HTML5 template and all the cool features of Underscores.

Features in Pipeline

I’m working on improving the theme as it’s an infant yet. I frequently push updates to the theme’s repository on GitHub. The features on my priority list are:

  1. Theme Options in Customizer
  2. Giving user power to choose Theme’s color scheme
  3. Using fonts of user’s choice
  4. Allowing user to upload a logo
  5. Page Templates
  6. Few extra widgets in-built with theme, like a better recent posts widget
  7. A widget area in footer
  8. Option to display menu all the time (on desktops)


Well, like every other theme! You can download it from repository or,

  • Go to Appearance > Themes > Add Theme.
  • Search for the theme ‘Intemporel’ and click Install.
  • Get a live preview, and if you like it, click Activate.

You can get the latest edits on GitHub repository, however, it can be broken. If you’re on a production website, use at your own risk.

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