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Reduce Data Usage – Data Saver Extension for Google Chrome

Do you have an inconsistent internet connection? A slow erratic WiFi? Well, if you use Google Chrome, here’s something you would love.

Google has released a new extension for Google Chrome as a workaround for the users with spotty connection on their devices. This new extension called, Data Saver reduces data usage for the pages you visit by optimizing them with the help of Google servers.

How Does This Work?

When you download and enable this extension, the pages you visit will not be served directly from the server you’re accessing them from. First, the pages will go through the Google’s servers. Google’s servers will compress the pages. And then the compressed page will be sent to you so that you can browse more using lesser bandwidth.

What about privacy?

Only the non-http pages will be compressed. HTTPS pages will not be compressed and served through this extension. Also, the private browsing i.e. incognito mode will not be optimized by this extension. More and more websites are opting for HTTPS now-a-days and Google is encouraging it by giving HTTPS websites slightly upper hand in its search results. So if you’re logged into Facebook, Google, Amazon or any other website, you’re pages will not be compressed.

Chrom Data Saver Stats

How do I know I saved data?

Good point. But Google has made it possible for you to track your savings with this extension. The extension will add a button alongside other extension buttons. You can click on it to check how much data you’ve used and how much data you’ve saved along with a nice graph. You can click on ‘Details’ to see how much data is being used by and saved from individual websites you visit.

You can filter this statistics to check for last one hour, three hours, one day, week, month or two months.

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